Rain Bird Sprinkler base, type 1800


The Rain Bird Sprinkler base, type 1800 is the ideal pop-up for garden design, with the additional SAM feature the 1800-SAM series should be used in areas with elevation changes and/or where pop-ups are causing damange due to flooding or erosion.

The 1800-SAM has a capability of holding up to 4.2m of head or 0.3bar. The 1800-SAM pop up is compatible with a range of spray heads: VAN, HE-VAN, R-VAN, U-Series, MPR and Rotary nozzles. The models are available in 3 different riser heights: 4'' (10cm), 6'' (15cm) and 12'' (30cm). The benfit of the SAM check valve is that it prevents drainage of the pop ups in areas with increasead pressure or lower areas.

Rain Bird is highly regarded for their professional quality


Material plastic
Rec. press. 1.5 - 6.0 bar

Technical Information and Manuals

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