Rain Bird Spray head, type HE-VAN


The Rain Bird Spray head, type HE-VAN is used with the 1800 series pop up to increase the efficency in irrigation.

The HE-VAN-8 has a 24° trajectory, the HE-VAN-10 has a 27° trajectory, the HE-VAN-12 has a 23° trajectory and the HE-VAN-15 has a 25° trajectory. The improved Distribution Uniformity (DU) of the HE-VANs means that the HE-VAN nozzles will irrigate the gardens more efficiently and uniformingly giving the crops in your garden the same amount of water in all the different areas. Also with an improved Schedulling Coefficient (SC), you can be sure that in the dryiest spots in your garden will be receving more water when compared to the VAN nozzles, therefore it helps to shorten your irrigation time and see similar results. The top is colored for easy radius and arc identification. Pressure ranges from 1 to 2.1 bars and spacing ranges from 1.5m to 4.6m.

Rain Bird is the largest manufacturer of irrigation equipment with great warranty


Material plastic
Suitable for 1800 & UNI-Spray series
Rec. press. 1.4 - 1.7 bar

Technical Information and Manuals

  • All Products are subject to 1 to 2 years warranty.
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