Rain Bird MPR Nozzles, type 5000


The Rain Bird MPR Nozzles, type 5000 is used only with the 5000, 5000+ and 5000+ PRS rotors.

The 5000 MPR 30 units bag set comes with 3 different nozzles trees of varities of (10 x 5000-MPR-25, 10 x 5000-MPR-30 and 10 x 5000-MPR-35) that can reach 7.6m, 9.1m and 10.7 radious. Each nozzle set contains nozzles with different angles: Q (90°), T (120°), H (180°) and F (360°) nozzles. The Rain Courtain Technology has the following benefits: biggers drop for better performance, effective watering of nearby zones and excellent uniformity and distribution. Pressure range is 1.7 to 4.5bar and the flow Rate is 0,17 to 2.09 m3/h

Rain Bird products are highly regarded for their professional quality.


Material plastic
Type 5000

Technical Information and Manuals

  • All Products are subject to 1 to 2 years warranty.
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