Rain Bird Pop-up sprinkler, type Eagle 900E FC


The Rain Bird Pop-up sprinkler, type Eagle 900E FC has been designed to be used in sports fields (horses, soccer, field hockey, etc) for both natural and artificial grass. Due to its full circle design this pop up is normally used inside the field with an additional grass cover kit.

The Eagle 900E is a full circle model with a body height of 34cm, pop-up height of 8.3cm and top diameter 21cm. The inclusion of an electric valve as part of the 900E Eagle is an ideal to control every pop up individually depending on the area that you need to irrigate. The 900E comes with the standard 60 black nozzle but there is a range of nozzles from 44 blue to 64 red that you can adapt to the pop-up. The operating pressure is 4.1 to 6.9bar, the flow of 4.85 to 12.97 m3/h, the radius: 19.2 to 29.6m, the nozzle trajectory: 25° and a maximum jet height of 6.1m

Rain Bird products offer targeted watering, maximizing efficient water use


Material plastic
Angle 25 °

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