Rain Bird Micro sprinkler, type XS


The Rain Bird Micro sprinkler, type XS is ideal for ground cover and annual flower beds.

The XS 90°/180°/360° has a range of angle sprays that can be used for different applications. The flow of the XS 90°/180°/360° can range from 0 to 130lph and its adjustable radius from 0 to 3.3m for the XS-90, 0 to 3.4m for the XS-180 and 0 to 4.1m for the XS-360 versions. Pressure range from 0.5 to 2.5bar. It comes with a self-tapping thread that fits into the stake and riser of the PFR/RS assemblies.

Rain Bird produces the best irrigation controllers and are used by professional irrigation installers


Colour black
Material plastic

Technical Information and Manuals

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