3-way Ball valve, 3210, L-Port bottom connection


This Itap 3 way ball valve is available in horizontal T and L-bore and vertical L-bore bottom connections, with working pressure up to 25 bar. The T-Bore valve 3 way valve offers 4 different options for diverting fluid. A L-Bore only offers 2 directions. Its flow goes "around a corner" .

This ball valve is executed with a female thread connection and PTFE seals.

Itap is well known for their high quality standards. Made by professionals in Italy for professionals all over the globe. Itap has over 30 quality certificates or hallmarks from organisations worldwide.


Material brass
Surface treatment nickel plated
Material seal PTFE
Colour lever black
Handle material steel
Ball material hard chrome plated brass
Ball bore L-bore under
Operation lever

Technical Information and Manuals

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