Pool building brick


Build and shape your pool with Pool building bricks!
A simple and quick solution for building an insulated swimming pool with smooth and precise walls.
The EPS25 pool building bricks are coated with 10mm of EPS80 for the inner side of the pool.
After that you can apply the liner of your choice to give your pool that special look.

  • Strong, well-built pool
  • Perfectly insulated
  • Fast building method, saves up to 60% in labour time
  • Max. heat transfer coefficient U is 0,414 Wm²/K


  • Volume concrete to fill one Pool building brick 250 x 250 x 1.000 is ±0,033m³ (Circa 0,132m³ concrete per 1m² wall)
  • Volume concrete to fill one Pool building brick 500 x 250 x 1.250 is ±0,083m³ (Circa 0,133m³ concrete per 1m² wall)


Colour white
Material EPS40/EPS80

Technical Information and Manuals

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